FAQ'S at the National: Are how long does it take to sell our house? Once we make an offer the cash has been known to be in an account in less than seven days. Do you offer things like allowing me to live in my home after selling it to you? Yes this is a service known as Sell and Rent Back and we do have this on offer at customer request.

Have clients using these sell and rent back system ever bought their home back from you? Yes we have sold back to many customers at the National on many different occasions and this has worked out to their advantage.

Do you think we are getting a fair deal? When you consider that we are not just your run of the mill house buyers we have been doing this for over 20 years and the reason we are still in business in this very competitive world is we know how to treat our customers and fulfil their needs. If you become a customer of ours you too will get the service you need. We can price match and beat all who have entered into our business and we have frequently done so an numerous occasions at the National.